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To blog or not to blog – and if you do, how will you do it?

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There are a thousand sites to look at if you are serious about blogging. This how to is for rank beginners with no special equipment. The look is professional and you also learn how to make money while you’re blogging:

The first question is, how much time do you want to spend looking after your website once you put one up? If you want to write a blog, this check list comes out of the 5 Keys book, to help you weigh your options. (Hint: not every web site needs a blog.) Here are a few more things to think about.

CHECK LIST: The maintenance plan

Think about updates

[ ] What would a blog add to what you want your website to do?
[ ] How often (be realistic) will you have something new to post on that blog?
(Hint: It helps to set a regular time to post if you want to do this.)
[ ] Will you read the blogs of the people who come to your blog?

Think about feedback

[ ] What will you do with the feedback you get?
[ ] Will you monitor the forum or not?
(Hint: Some feedback can be abusive.)

Blogging is not essential. However, a blog brings more users to your site because search engines look for sites that have new material on them regularly.

It depends on what you want.

What I want is for people to find my little book on creating clear and usable web sites, to discover that it is interesting and useful, and buy the book. The blog gives a sense of my style and shows readers what the book talks about.

If you just want people to know where you are, when you are open, and that you cut people’s hair, why would you write a blog? There are reasons to do it – something to think about.

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